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Madeira is a linear 2D platformer that has been developed since 2016. This build of the game contains the general structure and design of the game. It has two zones and tutorial levels. I have decided to release this build of Madeira to see the reality of where my game is heading. Currently, Madeira is still an unfinished game. Your feedback will give my game the wake up call it needs if it requires one. 


Move: Left/Right

Jump: Space

Hyper Fall: Down

Hair Key: Shift

Huracan Kick: A

Wealth Slash: S

Proto Robe: D

Shield Wield: Z

Fullscreen: F4 

Change Window Size: F3

Upcoming Features

A fully developed effects system (In 0.1, the effects system is unfinished)

Systems left to develop

The Developer System (Debugging)
The Audio System (Consistent audio levels, dynamic sounds)
The Mechanics System (Enemy/Boss design, refined player mechanics)
The Content System (How updates are handled, campaign length, one playable character or two)

Install instructions

How to play Madeira (Development Build 0.1)

This game is designed to run on Windows PC's.

1. With a file extract program (Peazip, 7Zip), unpack the Zip's contents.

2. Make a new folder. Name it Madeira (Development Build 0.1)

3. Open the Madeira folder. Copy the contents of the unzipped folder

4. Paste them into the Madeira folder.

5. To run the game, click on Madeira.exe

If your browser detects that Madeira Development Build 0.1 is a virus, click on the downwards arrow icon and select Keep. Their is no malicious code contained in the zip.


Madeira Development Build 0.1.zip 48 MB

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